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Mongolia is a unique country culturally and the grandeur of the pristine nature, as well as climatically. It has four clearly distinctive seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Get to know about the wide open country’s weather which fluctuates dramatically depends on the season, varied geography, altitude, during day time and at nights may help you to plan your perfect holiday either you are a leisure traveller or an adventure seeker.

Spring: 1 February to 30 April:

Spring is the time for nomads to welcome new-born baby animals. We recommend you to come in spring for a stay with nomads if you are a curious traveller, if you like adventures and interested in culture at the same time of enjoying scenic places, attractions and wideness of Mongolia. Mongolian spring is windy, sometimes stormy, particularly in the Gobi desert. The average day temperature of spring is – 3 to + 12 degrees during day time and -10 to +2 degrees at night. Sign of winter can be seen until mid of March in some years. Discovery overland driving tours between attractions are available. Even though, we suggest you to include your itinerary visits and nomadic home stay in spring. So that, you can feel real taste of Mongolia, its culture and tradition of the people. Check Mongolian destinations, attractions and packing list of spring.

Summer: 1 May to 31 July:

It is the most pleasant seasons to travel in Mongolia. From 15 May to 20 June, the weather will be pleasant for those who don't like hot weather. The average day temperature during this period is +14 to +25 degrees, but may drop +3 to +9 degrees at night. However, the May is possible to surprise with occasional snow falls and may feel the spring chill until 20 May. Particularly, you are travelling northern, western and central Mongolia. End of June and beginning of August is considered the warmest. You will feel hotter and drier in the Gobi. Average day temperature is +25 to +38 degrees and night temperature is +7 to +18 degrees. More people travel Mongolia during this time and are a good time to find your fellow traveller. Between 15 July and 10 August is considered the rainy season, but not as rainy as some rainy countries. It could be a temporary shower or drizzle rain. You will enjoy the blue sky, countless sparkling stars, breath-taking sunrise and sunset. In summer, between 11 and 13 July, Mongolian the most important holiday Naadam is celebrated through the country. The National Geographic included seeing the Naadam festival in Ulaanbaatar, a capital of Mongolia in the list of top 20 tourist attractions in 2011 and hopefully this colourful festival continue to attract more people. In addition, Traveler Magazine included travelling Mongolia among best places to travel in the world. Check Mongolian destinations, attractions and packing list of summer.

Autumn: 1 August to 31 October:

The first half of autumn is enjoyable, colourful, not hot and not cold. The average day temperature during this period is +16 to +28 degrees, but may drop +1 to +8 degrees at night while the weather between 15 September and 31 October will be cooler. The day time is mostly pleasant and the temperature is +8 to +20 degrees. Due to relatively high altitude of Mongolia, four seasons can be seen within a day. You may start a day in T-shirt and shorts and wear your wind proof and warm clothes to stay warm in the wind and snow on the same day. People those travelling western and northern Mongolia should expect approximately 5 degrees lower the average. You can travel each part of Mongolia between 10 September and 31 October. Even though, it is most suitable time to travel western Mongolian for adventures such as hiking, mountain climbing and see Eagle hunting festival etc. In autumn, nomads’ animals are fat and graze peacefully. Nomads have plenty of dairy products and are busy processing milk and preparing for winter makes your visit of the nomad families more interesting. Beautiful countryside of Mongolia is even more beautiful and picturesque with the autumn colours. It is definitely good time to travel Mongolia. Check Mongolian destinations, attractions and packing list of autumn.

Winter: 1 November to 1 February:

Mongolian winter is known as harsh and cold, but dry climate makes it feel not extreme cold at its – 40 degrees. The winter is beautiful with its shiny white snow covers. Due to the climate change, even Mongolia winter is getting warmer. Of course, this not good news, but obviously better not to feel the -40 while travelling. Average day temperature is -12 to -25 degrees and night temperature is -16 to -30 degrees. The temperature can reach -30 to -42 degrees in some lake depressions and river valleys or far northern and western areas. Daylight is short. The shortest daylight is 9 hours in winter. We do not suggest you to travel to too remote areas in winter. If you are planning to travel Mongolia in winter, we recommend you to travel some national parks close to Ulaanbaatar. In Terelj National Park 70 km north east of Ulaanbaatar, you can enjoy nature, hike, climb mountains, dog sledging, stay in ger camps, visit nomad families and even horse-riding is available. In Hustai National Park (100 km west of Ulaanbaatar) you can see wild horses and other wild animals such as gazelles, deer etc. gathered in mountain valleys to be sheltered from wind. Also you can drive to Manzushir Monastery in the strictly protected Bogd Khaan Mountain just south of Ulaanbaatar and can see Genghis Khaan Statue Complex close to the Terelj National Park. Drive to Erdenezuu monastery (360 km) and travel Khorgo Terkiin Tsagaan national park (600 km driving along the main roads) allows you an opportunity to experience different natural zones such as mountain steppes, Gobi desert and forested mountains and see scenic places except for visiting Mongolian the largest and the most beautiful monastery. In winter, we do not promise you comfortable beds, WC and shower at most accommodations. Though you certainly have in depth cultural experiences of nomadic life while staying with nomad families and discover yourself among unique lifestyle, harsh climate and in winter scenery. It will be completely off season and nothing is touristic. Also, there are some interesting events and national holiday celebrations in winter. Check Mongolian destinations, attractions and packing list of winter.