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Thank you for you are interested in our train ticket reservation service. "Virgin Nature" is fully guaranteed online train ticket reservation agency. We will help you reserve train tickets from Ulaanbaatar to Russia and China. Travelling train gives you lifetime opportunities of experiencing different countries, different cultures on one holiday and many more besides it is cost effective, practical and reliable. When you are in the train, you will look completely different landscapes all daylong through the windows of the train, which is called "Live TV".

There are several branch lines of Trans-Siberian railroad. The longest rail line (7900 km) runs from St. Petersburg through Moscow, Russia and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Beijing, China. The train spans seven zones and two continents. The journey takes 5 days from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar and takes 35 hours from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing. An 1100 km long railroad from Russia-Mongolian border to China-Mongolian border is called Trans-Mongolian railroad.

You can start your tour any of these tree impressive countries. If you purchase train ticket through us, we will offer you reliable service and the lowest price compared to other agents. At the base of our past years' work experience we found that, 60-65% of our customers have chosen train for their international transportation to come in or out of Mongolia or on the two ways.

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Note: If you want to buy international train ticket after your arrival in Mongolia, it would be too risky. You should book it through an agency in advance