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Experience Mongolia Family Tour
(11 days)

Private tours available everyday
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until April 15, 2017 chevron_right

Are you planning to travel Mongolia with your kids? Do you want your tour will have a lot of fun? Do you want to be captured by natural scenery and your children stay away from modern the day facilities such as a computer, phone as well as noisy and polluted cities? Do you want you and your kids discover centuries’ old nomadic way of life and their unique culture? If so, our Experience Mongolia Family Tour would be a right choice for you. The tour includes experiences that would be of interest to adults and children alike. The tour highlights are the most scenic and attractive natural wonders of the Gobi and central Mongolia, camel and horseback riding experiences with the help of local guides, visits as many nomad families as you wish which is not artificially created experiences packaged for tourism. At the nomads’ ger, your kids may find some playmates and hear some story of Mongolian children live away from what your children have back home. We also planned the tour to have as little driving as possible. Instead, some free time your kids explore, run, climb and scramble to their heart’s desire on open grounds.

Most exciting experiences of the tour
  • Climb Mongolian largest sand dunes Khongor
  • Flaming Cliffs, a dinosaur excavation site
  • Enjoy gentle walking of two-humped camels
  • Horse riding over fenceless steppes
  • Kids play on fenceless open ground of 360° views
  • Relax and play at an outdoor hot spa pool
  • Kids explore, run, climb and scramble to their heart’s desire on open grounds
  • Visit nomads and experience nomadic culture
  • Stay traditional dwelling Mongol ger (felt accommodation)
  • Duration: 10 nights/11 days
  • Tour grade: Standard
  • Group size: At your request
  • Available: May 15-September 10

Mongolian largest sand dunes Khongor, Flaming Cliffs, Eagle Valley in Gurban Saikhan national park, enjoy emptiness and quietness of the Gobi, Ruins of Ongi monastery, Orkhon River Canyon, Tovkhon monastery, Tsenkher hot spa, Erdenezuu monastery and Elsentasarkhai.


Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, city tour

Meet at the airport and transfer to a hotel. After some relaxing time, participate in a short city sightseeing tour if the time permits. First, we will visit Gandantegchilen Monastery. The monastery is a favored place for locals as well as foreigners due to its interesting religious artifacts and peacefulness. A 26 m gilded statue of a Buddha is another thing of interest. Next, visit Mongolian Dinosaur Museum and the Central Square. Have a welcome dinner in a Mongolian barbecue restaurant.

What’s Included: 3* hotel, airport transfer, city tour
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Flight to the Gobi, hiking in Eagle Valley

Catch a morning flight to the Gobi. The journey continues with the Gobi Gurban Saikhan National Park. The Gobi Gurban Saikhan means "Three beautiful mountains in the Gobi." The national park is one of the biggest and unique national parks in Mongolia. Also, end of the Altai mountain range. There are many scenic places in the national park. Among them, Yoliin Am/Eagle Valley is the accessible one by car. After our car parks at an allowed area, we will walk through the beautiful valley into depths of the sheer rock canyon. Bottom of the canyon does not accept sunlight. Therefore, it has ice until the end of June. People are always amazed when they see such lush green valley in the Gobi. Golden eagles, very shy wild sheep and ibexes are indigenous to the valley. The hiking takes us about 3 hours on the two ways. Drive out of the mountains and arrive at a ger camp located on steppes of 360° views. Free afternoon to play on open grounds and run after the Gobi lizards.

What’s Included: ger camp, internal flight
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: The largest sand dunes Khongor

Our journey will continue to Khongor, the biggest sand dunes. Arrive at a ger camp in the vicinity of the sand dunes and refresh from the driving. In the afternoon, when the sun goes down, we will drive short to the sand dunes and climb the sand dunes as high as you can. Try to hear sand singing dis-positioning the sand downwards against the wind if you can climb one of the high sand dunes. Visit a camel herding family and enjoy gentle walking of the two-humped Bactrian camels.

What’s Included: ger camp, camel riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Flaming Cliffs, a dinosaur excavation site.

Tour to Flaming Cliffs (former dinosaur excavation site). Bayanzag is an area of red cliffs, which formed through the erosion of sand and rock over many thousands of years. It is also a site of several successful dinosaur excavations. Among them, a discovery the dinosaurs lay eggs after find dinosaur nest made the area the world known. Arrive at the ger by lunch time. Spend the afternoon playing on open steppes. Late afternoon, we will drive to the Flaming Cliffs, hike among the cliffs in search of fossils we may find.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Ruins of Ongi Monastery

On our way, we stop at Bayanzag, a saxual tree grove. The saxual tree is unique as it grow only in the central Asian Gobi and it has very long roots which help the trees to be green even in dry summer of the Gobi. To travel Ongi monastery, first we will drive through slate stone mountains and next on the endless Ongi steppes with occasional views of camel herds will be seen in spectacular shapes in the mirages. There are ruins of two separate monasteries on the north and south side of the Ongi River. Ongi Monastery founded in 1760. It had 30 temples, inhabited by 1000 lamas/monks. During communist purges in the 1930s, the monasteries destroyed. The monastery-ruin evolves vast areas now. Explore the monastery ruins, visit an active temple and a Ger museum.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6: Drive to the Orkhon River Canyon

Our journey takes place in the transition zone from the Gobi desert to the mountain steppes. Today, we travel with a picnic lunch. Arrive at the Orkhon River canyon late afternoon. Explore ancient rock drawings on a lava canyon of the Orkhon River, tombs and ancient burial mounds along the valley.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Tsenkher hot spa

Continue the adventure driving through lush green valleys filled with nomads and their countless animals including yaks, passing mountain passes, and crossing streams. Arrive at the hot spa ger camp and be refreshed from the adventures and activities bathing in a hot spa pool.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8: Erdenezuu monastery in Kharakhorin

In the Orkhon river valley, beautiful monastery Erdenezuu coexists with Kharkhorin town. The monastery built on the ruins of ancient Mongolian capital Kharakhorum (13th century) using old materials of the destroyed city without using a single nail for the construction. Kharakhorum was one of the stops of the famous "Silk Road." Erdenezuu is the first and the largest monastery in Mongolia keeping religious masterpieces of the 17th-20th centuries. See some valuable religious items in the temple museum and admire its stunning architecture. Next, visit the Kharkhorum Museum and drive up a hill have turtle stone left from the ancient city Kharkhorum. See the whole monastery and the Orkhon River from up.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9: Visit nomads and horse riding at Elsentasarkhai

Today, we will have a relaxing morning and drive short to Elsentasarkhai, the most northern age of the Gobi. Elsentasarkhai is a spectacular area of mountain steppes, sand dunes, grasslands and rocky mountains. After lunch, visit a nomad family and ride horses. Accommodation: ger camp.

What’s Included: ger camp, horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10: Drive to Ulaanbaatar

Today is the last day you spend in the beautiful countryside of Mongolia. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar after 4.5 hours and a free afternoon to discover the city your own and be refreshed from the adventures.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 11: Departure

We will transfer you to the airport and end of the tour.

What’s Included: airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast

Tour price per person
  • 2 PAX
  • 3-5 PAX
  • Children 2-4 years 60% OFF
  • Children 5-9 years 50% OFF
  • Children 10-11 years 40% OFF
  • Low season discount:
    (May, September)
The tour includes:
  • 2 nights in *** hotel
  • 8 nights at ger camps
  • Distractions and traditional games for children
  • Four wheels driving vehicle transfer
  • One way flight to the Gobi
  • English speaking guide
  • 1 hour camel riding
  • 1-2 hours horse riding with local guides' support
  • Entry fees to museums and national parks
  • Daily bottled water
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • Car safety seats on request
The tour excludes:
  • Items of personal use
  • International travel
  • Bar bills, laundry, telephone calls
  • Visa fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Excess baggage fee in the domestic flight
  • Optional activities & additional services
  • Single supplements.
  • Gratuity for the tour team
  • Small gifts for nomad children (candies)
Is this tour suitable for my family?

This is a regular, off-roads discovery tour to explore most interesting attractions and scenic places of the Gobi and central Mongolia. We suggest this tour for families over five years old. Families with small kids are always welcome, and we happily customize the tour or tailor one for your family. The reason we are specializing kids’ age is the tour covers much of the Gobi desert and central Mongolia. Traveling through the wide open territory of Mongolia always require some driving. To decrease the driving distance, we included a one-way flight to the Gobi, which saves more than 650 km driving or 3 days. The driving distance is minimum 75 km and 270 km maximum a day. Average driving distance is 170 km takes 3.5 to 4.5 hours. Approximate day driving will be 2-6 hours. The camel and horse riding will be supported by local equestrians and follow your guides’ guidance is recommended. There will be some optional hiking of approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Another thing people concern a lot is the meals of Mongolia either they travel themselves or with kids. Most of our clients evaluated Mongolian meals better than what they expected while few say the meals were not good because of a lot of meat, dairy products, and common vegetables. We agree on it and asking the clients’ dietary is one of our most important questions. Informing us about your kids’ meal preference is critical especially when you travel with your kids. The ger camps where we stay overnights serves simple meals due to long way transportation of food. Fruits are not abundant in most rural areas. Therefore, you can take some extra provisions such as fresh fruit, snacks, some chocolates or sweets from Ulaanbaatar before departing rural areas. Long nonexistent road rides may cause motion sickness.

When is the best time to take part the tour?

The most suitable time to travel is between 20 May and 10 September. During this period, the weather will be warm and enjoyable. However, you should not expect warm weather during the trip either you travel in summer or certain times as vast Mongolian territory differentiates in altitude and earth surface. Overall, Mongolia is elevated at least 700 m high above surrounding Siberian plateau and Chinese territory. Therefore, the weather is extreme and fluctuates a lot hourly, daytime and at night. Receiving snowfalls is common in May, end of August and September. Rainfalls turn into snowfalls in high elevated areas either in summer months of June, July and August. Average monthly temperatures are +22°C, highest 28°C daytime in May, first half of June, last half of August and in September and on average +26°C, highest +35°C to +39°C daytime in late June, July and early August. The temperature drops 10-20°C in the evening and at nights. For your pre-departure preparation, you may check detailed packing list of the discovery tours.


Due to the weather condition, tourism season in Mongolia is short. Mongolian tourism depends highly on the season and seasonal accommodation ger camps are fully open between 20 May and 10 September. During other shoulder months, the ger camps are partially open and closed in winter. For more detailed information about accommodation, please visit our recommended hotels in Mongolia and Mongolia Ger camps


TThe tour meals included according to the itinerary. In Ulaanbaatar, we choose from finest European and Mongolian restaurants and in the countryside ger camps serve some European and Mongolian meals. Meat is included in the meals for lunch and dinner, particularly in the traditional meals recipe. Example menu of the meals is tea, coffee, bread, jam, butter, eggs and sausage for breakfast. There are some cookies, cheese, cereals, pancakes and more will be served at some of the ger camps for breakfast. Some salads, cream/vegetable/ Mongolian soups and main courses (pasta, rice, vegetables, beef/mutton/chicken/fish near lakes/rivers), dessert and tea for lunch. Salad, main course, dessert and tea will be served for dinner. If you are a vegetarian or have dietary etc. please inform us in advance. We will book the meals accordingly. We will supply two bottles of 0.5-liter water per person per day. Putting one big bottle (1.5 liter) water instead of 2 small bottles of water is available upon request.


The majority of our guides are English speaking. We also have some guides who speak German, French, Spanish and Japanese. They are all professionally trained, friendly, helpful, and most of them were born and grown in the countryside. Therefore, they have good knowledge about their motherland’s culture, tradition, history and geography. Our guides have minimum three years and more years of guiding experience. During the horse and camel riding, your guide and local equestrian will support you. Except guiding and interpreting, our guides are kids friendly and will be your best companion to care the kids. A babysitter is available on request at the base of additional payment.


Four wheels driving Japanese vans (have five passenger seats except for a driver) driven by experienced, friendly and good mechanic-drivers will serve you. We put car safety seats in the vehicles according to the number of kids. Different car types are available upon request and you may check the vehicles at Mongolia transportation.

To plan your dream holiday or customize the tour exclusively for you, what to do and see in Mongolia page may help you.

As well as, please check attractions in the Mongolian Gobi, Central Mongolia, and Northern Mongolia.

Mr. Ramakrishna and family
Travelers from USA
We sent out requests to several different Mongolian tour operators. Boggie from View Mongolia was the only one who was very prompt in responding thoroughly instead of palming off some standard itinerary. We had specific requirements in terms of places to visit and dietary restrictions. She worked through numerous iterations as we fine-tuned the itinerary over a couple of weeks. Just to give you an idea, the trip started with us being picked up from ULN airport and driven straight to the Genghis Khan Statue. This road goes to the south of the city. To save us time, Boggie personally bought Indian food from a restaurant and met us where we would otherwise have had to take a detour into the city. I have been to over 60 countries and my 15 year and 7 year old sons have been at least 25 countries. We always rank how the trip went. This was the first time any trip was ranked a 10/10 by my kids
Mr. Appel and family
Travelers from China
"With a family with three children (6, 4 and 2 years!) we had an amazing tour through the gobi desert and central mongolia. View Mongolia organized the trip and they did an amazing job. We hiked, rode a camel, rode a horse, went to hot springs and visited an nomad family. The landscapes along the way are stunning, it's very quite and you are literally in the middle of nowhere, amazing. Kids loved it as well. We were a bit worried to go with a two year old, but it went perfect. View Mongolia is very flexible to accommodate your needs. We had an amazing guide Bluma and an amazing driver Daram, they both went out of there way to give us an unforgettable experience! I cant recommend them enough!! Very friendly, helpful, social and fun, kids will for sure talk about them for a very long time:-)!!!
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