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Mrs. Samantha Cross and family from Aurtalia

Spent the last 11 nights getting a taste of the nomadic lifestyle. We stayed in fire warmed gers, rode camels in the gobi desert, saw once known to be extinct wild horses, bathed in hot springs, visited mongolias largest extinct volcano and ever first monestry. We hiked through forests covered with colourful flowers and visited nomadic families and sipped on Mongolian vodka. A wonderful experience that ill never forget. Thanks View Mongolia for a wonderful private tour of your beautiful country. Our guide and driver will remain close to our hearts always.

Good Morning Boggie,
Mrs. Mary Kay and Ms. Natalie from USA

I am writing to say goodbye and Thank you for such an amazing time we had in Mongolia. Our guide Anar did an excellent job and we enjoyed her very much. Our driver Denzka was a very professional driver and I felt very safe. I only wish we had more time here. Hopefully we will return again someday soon.

Dear Muugii
Mr. Furkan from Great Britian

I just wanted to say I had an amazing time in the Gobi! Of course I expected to see great things but the team you gave me actually made the trip. Denska is the best driver I've had on any trip, and Soni is an entertaining and knowledgeable guide. Thank you for all your support making the trip happen. Please could you pass these photos to the team
Thank you!

Hi Ms Boggie,
Ms. Siewhong from Singopore

Just to let you know that we've safely returned to Singapore this morning. We've really enjoyed our trip in Mongolia very much! It is indeed an adventurous journey with lots of fun and laughter which we will share with our family and friends! There were a lot of places that we've enjoyed like the boat trip at Khuvsgul Lake, Naadam festival, horse riding, and the rivers we've crossed. The one that left us a very deep impression was the river crossing (by car). The river banks were flooding, and our car was stuck in the middle of the river, and water started seeping in. i must say that your Driver (Toka) is indeed VERY professional. What came to his mind was to save our luggages. He nimbly crawled to the back of his car, pulled our luggages onto the seats so that they won't get wet. We were lucky that we went together with Jeff's group (The American guy with his Mongolian girlfriend). Their driver gave us a hand to pull our car up from the river after Toka connected straps between the cars. The temperature was then cold but Toka took off his clothes and jumped into the rivers to connect the straps. My friend and i think that he is indeed very commendable and professional. Thank you for having him as our driver. You have a good driver. This will be something that my friend and i can recollect together when we think of our trip we had in Mongolia.
Thank you,

My dear Boggie,
Mr. Vijay Virk and Mr. Ranjit Virk from USA

We are safely back home in Sterling VA USA. Thank you once again for everything and ensuring that we had a wonderful trip in Mongolia. We greatly appreciated you honoring us with the traditional Mongolian farewell – it was touching and wonderful. Rachel sends her compliments and regards. Please convey our thanks to Sonin and Moogie for waiting at The Airport till we were all cleared for departure. And more thanks to Moogie for letting us use his scale the night before- it helped us keep our Checked In luggage under the 20 KG limit. (By the way, United Airlines has a 23KG limit- curious that Airlines would have different limits- anyway I add this bit just for general information.) Denska did take a number of photos with the Company Camera on our trip. We of-course certainly would like to have copies of these photos. I could set up something where you could upload them or if you have something already set up then we could use that.
We already miss Mongolia.
With deep regards,

Dearest Bogi, Denzka and Soni
Mrs. Kathryn Blenkin and Mrs. Sandra Osborne

I am so pleased the photos arrived – I was a bit late getting them away but pleased you are happy with them We adored our time with you and have recommended your company and tour to anyone who wants to listen. Mongolia is a magic place and so are the three of you
Much love and best wishes
Kate and Sandy

Dear Muugii,
Mr. Nicholas David Low

I hope this finds you well! I’m pleased to report that my photos of our holiday in Mongolia came out spectacularly well. Everyone who has seen them has raved about how beautiful your country is. And, of course, they are right to do so! To thank you, Sony, Daram and Ochiro for such a wonderful and memorable holiday, which far surpassed my expectations. I imagine Angela (Ghent) has already made some comments on TripAdvisor. Rest assured that Kárita and I will do so in due course.
Warmest regards,