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Ideal combination of free time and planned activities:

Even we purpose that our itineraries allow the travelers experience, discover and learn as much as possible about our rich in culture beautiful country, we haven't forgotten their wish to discover the country, discover themselves and enjoy their time as they wish in completely different environment.

In depth cultural activities:

Let our customers to learn more about the centuries old nomadic culture while supporting the nomads to keep their unique culture and traditions in its origin in the globalizing world is inseparable part of our tours and responsibility as we purpose our itineraries will have full of cultural experiences and held in the pristinest of the nature as possible. Our cultural experiences are not limited by just visit a nomad family, if you want you can experience and discover cultural in depths.

Carefully hand picked after years of experience:

Our itineraries are developed by our experienced expert team those have more than 10 years experiences in the sector. Our experts don't' only work on the map or behind desk, they also work in the field to verify our products. Reflecting feedbacks of our customers are all-important. Thanks dear customers!

Loads of interesting activities and attractions:

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Tailor made tours:

If there is no itinerary which can fulfill your interest, just contact our experts and inform what you like. We will get in touch back you with proposals among them you will definitely find a one which suits the best for your needs.

Chose from 60 guided vacations:

On our website you can choose from more than 60 guided vacations those are hand picked through our years of experiences. Except for the interesting itineraries our knowledgeable expert guides make every itinerary more fascinating and let your heads out of the guidebook.