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On this tour, we will head the world’s freshest water Lake Khuvsgul in the remotest northern part of Mongolia. About a hundred fresh water mountain streams feed the lake while only one river source out. Khuvsgul Lake and its beautiful surrounding is a perfect place for nature lovers and recreational holiday lovers. Surrounding nature of the lake is pristine and awe-inspiring where the national holiday Naadam Festival held, and reindeer people are living. The lake is not the only attraction. All the way to and back the lake highlights most scenic and attractive places of central and northern Mongolia. Moreover, central and northern Mongolia is important pastoral areas where nomads herd their countless animals and their door is always open for visitors. Therefore, you can visit as many nomad families as you wish to see and learn their unique life. The Naadam Festival, another highlight of our cultural experience is held close to a small village Hatgal on the southern edge of the Siberian Taiga near Lake Khuvsgul. Besides enjoying nature, taking part the Naadam festival in the countryside offers you a nice opportunity to attend the festival in person like a Mongolian and see the festival competitions from near as it’s not as crowded as the Ulaanbaatar’s one. Being among the local people is another opportunity to learn more about the people’s culture.

Most exciting experiences of the tour
  • Visit 300 years old, most stunning architectural, active monastery Amarbayasgalant
  • Relax and enjoy beauty of the world’s freshest water Lake Khuvsgul
  • Participate and see local Naadam Festival like a Mongolian
  • Ride Mongol horses in nature
  • Visit nomad families and see their unique life
  • Stay traditional dweling Mongol ger (felt accommodation)
  • Discover prehistorical items such as burial mounds, tombs and deer stones
  • Discover Gobi area and climb sand dunes
  • Duration: 11 nights/12 days
  • Tour grade: Easy
  • Group size: 1 to 15 people
  • Available: 7 July to 18 July, 5 July to 16 July with Naadam, available 1 May to 15 Sept without Naadam Festival

Amarbayasgalant Monastery, Uran Togoo extinct volcano, Khuvsgul Lake, participate in local Naadam, visit reindeer family, visit nomad family, Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan National Park, Tsenkher hot spa, Erdenezuu monastery, Elsentasarkhai (mini Gobi).

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, city tour

Our guide and driver will greet you at the airport and transfer to a hotel located in the downtown. First, we will visit Gandantegchilen Monastery. The monastery is a favorite place for locals as well as foreigners due to its impressive religious artifacts and peacefulness. A 26 m gilded statue of a Buddha is another thing of interest. Next, visit the National Museum of Mongolia followed by a drive to the Central Square. In the evening, have a welcome dinner in an excellent Mongolian restaurant.

What’s Included: 3* hotel, airport transfer, city tour
Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Start countryside tour to Amarbayasgalant Monastery

In the morning drive to Amarbaysgalant, one of the most beautiful, stunning architectural and old monasteries in Mongolia. On our way, we visit Darkhan city and have lunch. Arrive at Amarbayasgalant monastery late afternoon. Check in a ger camp close to the monastery. After some time, visit the beautiful monastery and hike up foothills of Burenkhaan Mountain have Buddha sculptures and big stupas. From tops of the hills, you can have gorgeous views of the Iven River Valley and the whole monastery.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Drive to Urantogoo extinct volcano

Along the way to Urantogoo extinct volcano, we will drive via Erdenet copper mine city and a central town of Bulgan province. The landscapes will change into more forested areas. Urantogoo volcano became extinct 800,000 years ago. Northern slope of the mountain and inside of the crater are covered with trees and has a small lake. Top of the mountain is accessible after some challenging hike up, and the vista is amazing once you are on the top.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Khuvsgul Lake.

Khuvsgul is the second largest freshwater lake in the world fed by over 100 fresh mountain streams of the remote Taiga. The lake elevated 1650 m above sea level, 38 km wide and 13 km long. The driving to the lake takes place on paved roads of scenic views. Arrive at Murun, a central town of Khuvsgul at lunch time. After lunch, continue the journey and arrive at the lake late afternoon. Enjoy nature and relax after long driving or have some optional activities of hiking, bird watching, climb a mountain, flower watching, etc. Motor boating, kayaking, and horse riding are available at the base of additional payment. Accommodation: ger camp conveniently located on the lake’s shore.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Participate in the local Naadam festival

The opening ceremony of the local Naadam Festival starts between 10-11 AM. Today, we will drive 8 km to take part in the Naadam will be held close to a small village Hatgal on the western shore of Khuvsgul Lake. See main events of the festival such as horse racing, wrestling, and archery apart from seeing the opening ceremony, how Mongolians celebrate their festival wearing their finest traditional clothes and riding their nicest horses. You can even challenge yourself participating in wrestling, archery and other games. We also see the Naadam commerce and taste the Naadam main dish is “Huushuur”

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6: Visit Reindeer people, see closing ceremony of the festival

TThe reindeer people breed reindeer not only for their antlers also for milk, meat, hide, ride and medicinal purposes. They live in huts covered with canvas or animal skins even in the cold winter. The remoteness of the Taiga forest makes their life entirely dependent on nature. They know well how to use herbs and plants for meals and medicinal purpose. As well as, most famous Shamans are among them. The reindeer family we visit today is a representation of the reindeer people moved from the depths of Taiga near the lake. After visiting the reindeer people, drive to the Naadam field to see the closing ceremony of the festival, Naadam champions and prize awarding.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Drive to Zuun Nuur Lake

Our driving will lead us through a combination of rugged mountains, forest, broad valleys, and rivers. Have a short break by ancient deer stones. The deer stones spread widely in Central Asia. 600 deer stones found in Central Asia. 500 of them found in the territory of Mongolia. Deer stone is the first monuments of the human. The earliest of them belong to XIII-IX century BC while most of them belong to The Bronze Age. On repaired standing stones, the sun, the moon, belt, knife and deer those are jumping up sky were carved fantastically. Today, we will have off roads driving and have a picnic lunch in a scenic area. Arrive at another beautiful, but small lake Zuun Nuur. Free afternoon to be refreshed from the long driving.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8: Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan National Park

Continue the challenging, off the beaten roads driving passing mountain passes and crossing streams. At the later part of the journey, we drive along beautiful Terkhiin Tsaagaan Lake known as “Great White Lake” while watching some waterfowls. Arrive at Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan late afternoon. The Khorgo volcano extinguished 8000-6000 years ago. Its surrounding area has plenty of caves and hides outs. That is why the volcano was named Khorgo. “Khorgo” meaning “shelter.” Khorgo is not only extinct volcano. There are some more volcanoes in the vicinity, but Khorgo is the youngest and the most accessible one. Arrive at the national park by late afternoon. Here, you will see much of the National Park's territory is covered with thick basalt. We will drive to and climb the volcano on stairs and trails. Once you are on the volcano, walk along the volcano rim with outstanding views of surrounding areas, a small village by the volcano and view of the Terhkiin Tsagaan Lake

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9: Tsenkher hot spa

The journey continues to Tsenker hot spa. En route, stop at the Chuluut River. This rapid current river flows between 20-50 m lava canyons. Today could be an enjoyable day of paved roads driving. Our next stop is an attractive local market of Tsetserleg, a central town of Arkhangai province. In the evening, enjoy the outdoor hot spa bath.

What’s Included: Hot Spa ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10: Drive to Elsentasarkhai (mini Gobi), visit Erdenezuu Monastery and experience nomadic life

Kharkhorin, formerly known as Kharakhorum, was once a capital of Genghis Khaan's Great Mongol Empire in the 13th century. After the move of Mongolian capital to Beijing, and the fall of the Empire, Karakorum was abandoned and then destroyed by Manchurian soldiers in 1388. Today, in the broad valley of the Orkhon River, awe-inspiring ancient monastery Erdenezuu coexists with modern town Kharkhorin established on a site of the ancient capital Kharkhorum. Visit an active temple of the monastery and temple museums. Continue the tour to Elsentasarkhai. Elsentasarkai a spectacular place features the Gobi desert, mountain steppes, green-shored rivers and a high mountain. Enjoy hiking over the sand dunes. Today we will experience the nomadic life and ride horse ad camels while staying with the nomads.

What’s Included: Extra ger of nomad family, horse, camel riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11: Drive to Ulaanbaatar attend cultural performance and do shopping

Today is the last day to spend the beautiful countryside of Mongolia. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar after four and half our driving. Sometimes for shopping. In the evening, attend Mongolian traditional cultural performance which is one of the most interesting and must see things in Ulaanbaatar with its play of horse headed fiddle, throat singing, contortion and much more. Farewell dinner.

What’s Included: 3* hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 12: Departure

We will transfer you to the airport/train station. End of the tour.

What’s Included: Airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast

Tour price per person
  • 2 pax
  • 3-5 pax
  • 6-8 pax
  • 11-14 pax
    (more attractive price for more than 8 pax)
  • For children of a family trip
  • One free space for every 16 pax
  • Low season discount:
    (May, September)
  • Please contact us for more trip details.
The tour includes:
  • 2 nights in *** hotel
  • 8 nights in ger camps
  • 1 witha nomad family
  • Four wheels driving vehicle
  • Arrival and departure transfer
  • Horse, camel riding
  • English speaking guide
  • Entry fees to national parks and the museums
  • 0.5 L *2 bottled water per person per day
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
The tour excludes:
  • Items of personal use
  • International travel
  • Bar bills, laundry, telephone calls
  • Travel & medical Insurance
  • Visa fee
  • Optional activities & additional services
  • Single supplements
  • Gratiuty for the guides and drivers
  • Small presents for the nomad children (candies) if you do not mind
Is this tour suitable for me?

This is a regular tour includes overnight stays in ger camps in the countryside and a hotel in Ulaanbaatar. No challenging physical or risky activities included. Traveling in Mongolia always requires long driving through changing landscapes and through scenic views. Even though we tried to plan the tour to have as little and as even driving as possible. Approximate day driving will be 3.5-6 hours (the 6 hours driving will be only two days of the tour). However, the driving time is subject to change due to weather and road conditions when driving on rough roads. We also cross several rivers and streams, which sometimes add an experience and fun to the tour. The itinerary includes some light activities such as up to 3 hours soft hiking and an hour horse riding with supports of your guide and local equestrian.

Weather in July

July is the warmest month, as well as the wettest. Average day temperature is +28°C, hottest +35°C in central and northern Mongolia. The night temperature could drop drastically into + 12°C. Forested mountains of northern Mongolia receives relatively high precipitation compared to other parts. So that, you may feel less dry lips, and skin compared traveling the Gobi, but expect both warm weather and some occasional rains. The rain period starts right after Naadam Festival when observing annual average, but not constant. The rain could be a short shower or drizzling rain. Therefore, be prepared for warmth, rain and evening cool weather. For your pre-departure preparation, you may check our discovery tours detailed packing list.


We developed the tour let you stay at cozy and beautiful accommodation gers of the ger camps and a hotel in Ulaanbaatar. If you are a traveler keen to discover the culture and love nature, we may change some of the accommodations into nomad family stays and tents according to your request. For more detailed information about accommodation, please visit recommended hotels in Mongolia, Mongolia Ger camps and Mongolia nomads


The majority of our company's guides are English speaking. We also have some guides who speak German, French, Spanish and Japanese. They are all friendly, helpful, well trained for guiding and most of them were born and grown in the countryside. Therefore, they have good knowledge about every aspect of Mongolia, and they have at least three years or more years of guiding experience. During the horse riding, a local equestrian will guide and help you along with your English-speaking guide.

Tour vehicles

Most of our tours were designed with four wheels driving Japanese vans driven by experienced, friendly and good mechanic-drivers. Different car types are available upon request, and you may check the travel vehicle details at Mongolia tour vehicles.

To plan your dream holiday or customize the tour exclusively for you, what to do and see in Mongolia page may help you.

As well as, please check attractions in the Central Mongolia, and Northern Mongolia.

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