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Khuvsgul Lake Luxury Tour
(6 days)

Private tours available everyday
Main Price chevron_right $2380

until September 15, 2017 chevron_right
Most exciting experiences of the tour
  • Horseback riding in the pristine nature
  • Boating at the fresh water lake
  • Visit nomads
  • Visit reindeer people
  • The world’s freshest water Lake Khuvsgul
  • Explore ancient historical remnants
  • Duration: 4 nights/5 days
  • Tour grade: Easy
  • Group size: 1 to 5 PAX
  • Available: 15 May to 10 September

Khuvsgul Lake in the southern edge of the Siberian Taiga, provincial center town Murun, Uusgiin Uvur deer stones near the Delger River.


Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, transfer to a hotel and city tour

Your guide and driver meet you at the airport and transfer to Shangri-La Hotel/Kempinski Hotel. Next, we will have a city sightseeing tour. First, visit Gandantegchilen monastery, followed by a visit to the Central Square and the National Museum of Mongolia. In the evening, attend traditional cultural performance which is one of the most interesting and must see things in Ulaanbaatar with its play of horse headed fiddle, throat singing, contortion, colorful dance and much more.

What’s Included: Kempinski Hotel/Shangri-La Hotel, airport transfer, city sightseeing
Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Fly to Murun, see deer stones and Khuvsgul Lake

Transfer to the airport for the Murun flight. Upon arrival in Murun, we drive to Uushgiin Uvur deer stones that date back to The Bronze Age and considered the best kept and the clearest carving stones among other 600 deer stones of central Asia. The journey continues to Khuvsgul, the second largest and freshest water lake in the world fed by over 100 fresh mountain streams of the remote Taiga. The lake is elevated 1650 m above sea level, 38 km wide and 138 km long. Arrive at the lake late afternoon. Enjoy nature and relax after long driving or have some optional activities of hiking, bird watching, climb a mountain, flower watching etc.

What’s Included:ensuite ger of Naran Zangilaa ger camp, domestc flight, airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Boating and horseback riding

After breakfast, we will boat to Khadan Khuis, one of four irelands of Khuvsgul Lake. Boating another side of the Lake and visiting a reindeer family is optional if the reindeer family has not moved. The reindeer people breed reindeer not only for their antlers, also for milk, meat, hide, ride and medicinal purposes. They live in huts covered with canvas or animal skins even in the cold winter. The remoteness of the Taiga forest makes their life completely dependent on nature. They are well educated about how to use herbs and plants for meals and medicinal purpose. As well as, most famous Shamans are among them. The reindeer family we visit today is a representation of the reindeer people moved from the depths of Taiga temporarily. After visiting the reindeer people, we will visit a nomad family and have 2-3 hours horseback riding along the lake’s shore and through open valleys of the mountains. You may choose the path to a higher elevated area to see the lake and its beautiful surrounding from up.

What’s Included: ensuite ger of Naran Zangilaa ger camp, boating
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Fly back Ulaanbaatar and free day

Fly back Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel. Free day to be refreshed, do shopping and discover the city your own.

What’s Included: Kempinski Hotel/Shangri-La Hotel, airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 5: Departure

Our driver will transfer you to the airport.

What’s Included: airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast

Tour price per person
  • 2 pax
  • 3-5 pax
  • 6-8 pax
    (more attractive price for more than 8 pax)
  • For children of a family trip
  • One free space for every 16 pax
  • Low season discount:
    (May, September)
  • Please contact us for more trip details.
The tour includes:
  • 2 nights in a 5* Hotel
  • 2 nights at a ger camp
  • Transfer service
  • Horse riding
  • English-speaking guide
  • Entry fees to national parks and the museums
  • Daily bottled water
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
  • Domestic flights
The tour excludes:
  • Items of personal use
  • International travel
  • Alcoholic drinks & beverages
  • Bar bills, laundry, telephone calls
  • Travel & medical insurance
  • Visa fee
  • Optional activities & additional services
  • Single supplements
  • Gratiuty for the guides and drivers
  • Excess baggage charge in the domestic flight (5kg handbag, 10 kg baggage)
Is this tour suitable for me?

This is a standard and easy access tour highlights beautiful, pristine surrounding and the freshest water Lake Khuvsgul located on the southern edge of the Siberian taiga. You will have a return flight to Murun (a central town of Khuvsgul) and back Ulaanbaatar. You stay 2 overnights in a ger camp at the lake and three activities packed days near the lake. The flight takes one and half hour on one way and a driving between the provincial center town and the lake takes 2 to 2.5 hours, which makes the tour one of our least driving tours. The tour has not included any demanding physical activities. You will have maximum 1-2 hours hiking at once and 1-2 hours horse riding with a support your guide and a local horse riding guide.


Due to the weather condition, tourism season in northern Mongolia is short. Mongolian tourism depends highly on the season and seasonal accommodation ger camps are fully open between 1 June and 15 September. During other shoulder months, the ger camps are partially open and closed in winter. Some of the ger camps accept their clients from 15 May in the northern areas and the ger camps are still in the opening phase assembling gers. You will stay at international 5* Kempinski Hotel or Shangri-La Hotel in Ulaanbaatar. You will have 2 overnights in the ensuite ger of Naran Zangilaa Ger camp.


Most of our company's guides are English speaking. We also have some guides who speak German, French, Spanish and Japanese. They are all friendly, helpful and most of them were born and grown in the countryside. Therefore, they have good knowledge about every aspect of Mongolia and have at least three years or more years of guiding experience. A local guide will follow you during the horse riding.


The tour includes two ways domestic flights. The domestic flights are operated between 15 May and 10 September. The flights run on certain days of May and September and every day between 1 June and 31 August. About the land transport, Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps serve for you in the countryside and the vehicle type in the city may differ depends on the number of the participants in the tour.

When to travel Khuvsgul Lake?

The most suitable time to travel the lake is between 10 June and 1 September. The tour is available between 25 May and 10 September. However, the lake still has its ice cover partially until 10 June and weather will be bit cold. Between 10 June and 1 September, the weather will be warmer and enjoyable. Due to the high altitude (approximately 1650 m above sea level) and relatively higher acceptance of precipitation, the weather in the area is relatively humid and cooler than central and southern part of Mongolia. During your trip to the lake, you should expect inflexible weather hourly, daytime and at nights. Snowfall may occur in May, early June, late August and in September in some years. July and first half of August is the wettest period. Average day temperatures are +20°C, highest +25°C at the end of May, June, at the end of August and in September. The temperature may drop to +7°C and below in the evening and at nights. July and August average daylight time temperature is +25°C, hottest +35°C and night temperature could drop into +10°C. The temperature dramatically falls if it rains.We suggest you bring clothes suitable either in warm, cold and wet weather in July and August. Bringing your warm, windproof jackets, layers of trousers, nice warm woolen hat and gloves are recommendable when traveling in May, June and September except for your light clothes. For your pre-departure preparation, you may check detailed packing list of the discovery tour .

To plan your dream holiday or customize the tour exclusively for you, what to do and see in Mongolia page may help you.

As well as, please check attractions in the Mongolian Gobi, and Central Mongolia

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