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I would say there is big difference between the ger camps and the guest houses/guest gers. Below, you can find some differences staying at ger camps and guest gers.

At ger camps:

  • At the ger camps, you will have your private ger and its beds are lined with clean bed clothes. 
  • Most of the ger camps have central electricity. If the electricity is central, they have sockets you can charge batteries at your ger. If they have generator, the lights will lit in the evening and you may need to charge your batteries in ger camp restaurants. 

  • You will have three meals in ger camp restaurants. The lunches and dinners have 3-4 course meals consist of salads, soups, main dishes and deserts while the breakfasts will be eggs, sausages, bread, cheese, jam, cereals and more. 

  • At ger camps, you will use flush toilets and running water shower. However, some of the remotest ger camps’ hot water could limited by time if they use generator or may need to tell time if they heat water by fire. Sauna, payable laundry and massage services are available at some ger camps.

  • Service approach of the ger camp is more compared to guest gers and more staffs speak in English at the ger camps. 

At guest gers/goust houses: What is tourist camp/ger camp?

  • The guest ger price differentiates either you use clean bed sheets or not, but not all guest gers. Bringing your own sleeping bag or ask your travel agency to provide a sleeping bag is highly recommended. 
  • Sometimes, the gers are used as a dorm (they want to sell every bed if there are many tourists) means you will stay in a ger with your guide and driver or with other tourists.

  • Will eat one course meal (1 for breakfast, one for lunch, 1 for dinner) cooked by the family or by your guide at guest gers. Even though, you may ask some additional meals at extra cost. 

  • Wood house bathrooms used and showers are not available at most of them.  

  • Many of them do not have electricity if the located way from towns. 

What is eco ger camp?
Indeed, ger camp and tourist camp is different description of the same thing.

The ger is called “yurt” by some foreigners, but not by Mongolians. The word yurt is an old Turkic word for ger and not being used by Mongolians. Ger means home.

A Ger is Mongolian traditional, round shaped, portable dwelling easy to assemble and disassemble. The ger is the most natural, as well as nature friendly dwelling on earth suitable for nomadic lifestyle and extreme climate. A ger consists of felt covers made of sheep wool, ropes and lattices all made from animal hides and animal hairs. Columns, poles, collapsible latticed walls, a door and a round shaped top window were all made of wood. Outside and inside walls and roof of the modern ger covered by white canvas makes the ger more comfortable and clean.
A top window and bottom natural air conditioners of this round shaped, circle dwelling let the gers always have an air circulation and good energy.

Ger camps are main accommodation in the countryside during the trips. The ger camps are located close to the main attractions or in scenic areas in a distance of an appropriate days’ driving to each other.

A tourist ger camp has approximately 15-45 gers, a large ger restaurant or a house restaurant located separate from the gers and serve with authentic Mongolian and some European meals due to the reality tourists do not wish to eat much meat. According to our clients’ preference, authentic meat dishes such as Mongolian barbeque, Mongolian type boiled meals, different types of dumplings, pancakes and noodles are widely available.

If the ger camps are located in areas of infrastructure, they will be more Westerner-friendly. Smaller and more rural the ger camp, the feel is more authentic.

Some ger camps have game rooms and open playgrounds.

Gers are not facilitated with bathroom, so you find separate washing blocks with western style toilets and running water shower cubicles. Many tourists defined that “the gers are cozy and very comfortable accommodation”.
 Every ger accommodations has 2-4 single beds with clean linens, an altar/ a drawer, a table, chairs, hanger and a wood burning stove. This is just to give an idea of the ger accommodations and some of their furnishing differentiates. The gers have a single electric light bulb and some of them have a two round holes socket (220 V and you may bring your adaptor) to charge batteries although you should go to restaurants to charge your belongings when staying some of the ger camps located in remote areas (they have generator sourced electricity available at certain times of the days). The generator sourced ger camps turn the generator off at 11 pm. Moreover, it is recommended to bring reading light if you are a night owl and a torch to lit paths at dark times.

You may request your travel agency in advance and ask to book gers close to bathrooms. However, the gers close to bathroom will be bit noisy as more people pass your ger compared to super silent gers away from the bathrooms.
Fire warms the ger quickly, but keeps in mind that the ger camps in the Gobi have limited wood. You can ask and tell times your ger fire will be lit at nights and in the morning during cold times. Asking small woods and lit the fire yourself could be another experience.The ger camps are able to provide extra blanket on request during cold times.
The gers are lockable with a padlock even though this is not really necessary.

What is guest house/guest ger?
Guest gers and guest houses are same thing in the countryside. The guest house is understood as a budget accommodation and is right. However, those accommodations are gers rather than houses and the term “guest ger” could suit best. Bur, it sometimes mistaken with ger camps.

The guest gers will be same traditional dwelling, but run by local people or nomads and dedicated to budget travellers and may offer less comfort compared to ger camps.

What is luxury ger camp?
In Mongolia, luxury is something different than what you usually experience. There are no international standard, full service hotels, sandy beaches or fruity cocktails on the steppes.
Instead, there are some traditional dwellings gers provides comfort, promises spotless cleanness if possible and have their own coziness.
The luxury ger camps have western hired cooks, offer delicious meals and have attached bathrooms to the gers which is not common.
Any of the ger camps’ gers have attached bathrooms or log house rooms have bathroom are considered luxury ger or room and their price doubles. 

What is eco ger camp?
Eco ger camps pride themselves on working with the environment and local communities. Many of the eco ger camps don't have flush toilets and running water shower– toilets were made from wood and compost. Instead of showers, hot towels are provided or if they have showers and electricity, they are solved by solar or wind.

Some of them even have no electricity in the gers. Instead, a torch and candles are provided.

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