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Steppe Rider Horseback Tour
(14 days)

Private tours available everyday
Main Price chevron_right $1998

until September 15, 2017 chevron_right

Traveling Mongolia on horseback is a real taste of Mongolia. The strong Mongol horses with a shoulder height of 1.6 m may look like ponies. Even though, the horses played a significant role when Genghis Khaan and his successors conquered half of the world in the 13th century. On this horse riding tour, we will head to Naiman Nuur/Eight Lakes lie 2400 m above sea level in the Khangai mountain range. This scenic place is accessible only on horseback or by walking from the northern side. The Eight Lakes are called Shireet, Mukhar, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Duruu, Khuis, and Onon located 500 m to 3 km in between. A volcanic eruption created the lakes. 11,500 hectares area of the Eight Lakes has been protected under state protection since 1992 and being kept well due to its remoteness. The first half of our riding will take place in hilly steppes while the last days will be in mountainous and forested areas. Also, visiting and learning about the distinctive way of nomadic life is an inseparable part of our 8 days horseback adventures.

Most exciting experiences of the tour
  • Timeless and fenceless horse riding in breathtaking nature
  • Reach and discover beauty of Eight Lakes after challenging horse riding
  • Visit nomad families and explore uniqueness of nomadic life
  • Stay cozy traditional dwelling Mongol ger (felt accommodation)
  • Try Mongolian barbecue
  • Camping and enjoying scenic nature
  • Enjoy bonfire under starry sky
  • Visit over 400 years old, beautiful monastery
  • Relax in hot spa pool after all those adventures
  • Duration: 13 nights/14 days
  • Tour grade: Moderate
  • Group size: 2-16 PAX
  • Available: May 10 to October 10

Discover nomadic life, discover Mongolia on horseback, Kharkhorin, Erdenezuu Monastery, Eight Lakes in the depths of forested mountains, Tovhon Monastery, Tsenkher Hor Spa and Ugii Lake.


Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and city tour

Our guide and driver will welcome you at the airport/railway station and transfer you to a hotel. After being refreshed, you will be taken on a city sightseeing tour if the time permits. First, we will visit Gandantegchilen monastery. The monastery is a favored place for locals as well as foreigners due to its interesting religious artifacts and peacefulness. A 26 m gilded statue of a Buddha is another thing of interest. Next, visit National Museum of Mongolia followed by a drive to the central square and Zaisan Hill to see the panoramic views of Ulaanbaatar.

What’s Included: 3* hotel in Ulaanbaatar, airport pickup, city sightseeing.
Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Leave Ulaanbaatar, meet horse herding nomads and get accustomed to your horses

Our countryside tour will start to Elsentasarhai. Elsentasarhai is a unique place represents features of the Gobi desert, mountain steppes, and grasslands in an area. Arrive at Elsentasarkhai by lunch time and check in a ger camp. After lunch, visit a nomad family; learn first-hand of the nomadic life. Next, we will be instructed local riding techniques, the best way to treat Mongol horses, their character and have a little riding along sand dunes to get accustomed to Mongolian horses.

What’s Included: ger camp, half day horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Start the horse riding tour heading Naiman Nuur/Eight Lakes

Today, you will see how the horses you will ride on the tour are caught. We will ride 35-40 km in the mountain steppes. Tented camping close to Hushuut stream.

What’s Included: camping, whole day horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Ride to Kharkhorin, visit ancient monastery Erdenezuu

The riding continues on the rolling steppes. Riding distance is 40 km. In the Orkhon river valley, the stunning monastery Erdenezuu coexists with Kharkhorin town. The monastery was built on the ruins of Mongolian ancient capital Kharkhorum using old materials of the destroyed city. Erdenezuu is the first and the largest monastery in Mongolia has a history over 400 years. See some valuable religious items in the temple museum and admire its stunning architecture. Also, seeing some remains of the ancient city and visiting the Kharkhorin Museum is a part of our today’s program.

What’s Included: ger camp, whole horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Riding along the Orkhon River Valley

Today, we will ride another 40 km through a beautiful green valley of the Orkhon River with views of nomadic Gers and their countless animals. The landscapes change into a more mountainous area. Overnight in a tent near the Orkhon River.

What’s Included: camping, whole day horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6: The landscape changes into mountainous area

The riding continues along the Orkhon River. Arrive at a ger camp located near lava canyon of the Orkhon River by lunch time. In the afternoon, explore some rock drawings and burial mounds of The Bronze Age.

What’s Included: ger camp. whole day horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Riding to Ulaantsutgalan waterfall

Ulaantsutgalan is the biggest waterfall in central Mongolia falls from 24 m lava cliff. From today, we will see more yaks than we saw flocks of sheep, goats and horses on past days. The riding takes place along basalt covered valleys crossing some rivers and streams. Arrival at Ulaantsutgalan late afternoon and discover the beautiful area and lava cliffs. If you are a good swimmer, why not challenge yourself swimming through and around the waterfall. Overnight in a tent near the waterfall.

What’s Included: camping, whole day horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8: Reach the main destination Eight Lakes/Naiman Nuur

The riding becomes more challenging as we will ride through more obstacle areas and narrow trails of forested mountains into more remoteness. Even though, nature will be pristine and untouched. We will reach our main destination Eight Lakes. Overnight in the tent on the shore of Khuis Lake.

What’s Included: camping, whole day horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9: Ride between the lakes and relax

It is a day to relax or optional activities such as ride/walk between the beautiful lakes, walk around, watch birds and flowers, etc.

What’s Included: camping, horse riding or camping
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10: Ride back from the mountain

We will meet our support vehicle at Buurug and drive short to a ger camp. It is the time say goodbye to the equestrians and the horses. Being refreshed and have an overnight at a Ger camp.

What’s Included: ger camp, whole day horse riding
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11: Tovhon Monastery and Tsenkher Hot Spa

Tovhon monastery was established on the rocky top (2312 m) of forested Shiveet Ulaan Mountain. To reach the monastery, we will walk about 5 km up and down the mountain on the two ways, but not steep. Visit the monastery and the meditation caves. Vistas are amazing from the top of the mountain. Continue the driving to Tsenher Hot Spa Ger Camp. Have a rest at the hot spa camp and hike 500 m to the source of the hot spa.

What’s Included: Hot Spa Ger Camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 12: Drive to Ugii Lake

Sacred Ugii Lake is a home to water birds. Enjoy your relaxing time by the lake. Have some hiking and bird watching. Boating and fishing are available at based on the private payment.

What’s Included: ger camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 13: Drive back Ulaanbaatar

We will arrive in Ulaanbaatar by lunch time. Have a lunch and check in a hotel. Free afternoon.

What’s Included: 3* hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 14: Departure

We will transfer you to the airport/railway station. End of the tour.

What’s Included: transfer service
Meals: Breakfast

Tour price per person
  • 2-3 PAX
  • 4 PAX
  • 5 PAX
    (more attractive price for more than 5 PAX)
  • For children of a family trip
  • One free space for every 16 pax
  • Low season discount:
    (May, September)
  • Please contact us for more trip details.
The tour includes:
  • 2 nights in *** hotel
  • 6 nights in ger camps
  • 5 nights in the tent
  • Support vehicle
  • Airport Transfer
  • English speaking guide
  • 9 days horse riding
  • Local horse riding guide and horse keeper
  • Luggage horses
  • Camping gears and cooking equipment
  • 0.5*2 bottled water per person per day
  • Helmets and sleeping bags upon request
  • Entry fees to national parks and museums
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
The tour excludes:
  • Items of personal use
  • International travel
  • Alcoholic drinks & beverages
  • Bar bills, laundry, telephone calls
  • Travel & medical insurance
  • Visa fee
  • Single supplements
  • Optional activities & additional services
  • Gratuity for guides & drivers
  • Helmets and sleeping bags upon request
  • Refillable Water Bottle
Is this tour suitable for me?

This is a 15-day tour, in which you will have 8 days horse riding adventures, a day city tour and an overland four wheels driving on the other days. The tour is suitable for advanced riders. We planned the tour have maximum 40 to 45 km riding depends on the terrain. Even though you can have your optional riding after we settled camping if the 40 km is not long enough for you. A support vehicle will be following you 7 of the 8 days horse riding. So that the riders can choose their riding distance and put on the support vehicle if necessary. We will put our tents after 7-8 hours including 1-1.5 field lunch and relaxing time since we start the tour in the morning which let us have enough free time in the evenings. Local riding techniques, the best ways to treat Mongol horses and their character, etc. will be taught at the beginning of the tour. We ride at walking speed in burden areas, and cantering and trotting will help us to cover the distance faster. You can gallop on the steppes and in flatter areas if you wish. The tour includes 6 overnight stays in Ger camps so that you can do washings and be refreshed from the adventures. 5 nights in the tent among outstanding nature and under starry skies in the evening and 2 nights in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar.


Mongolian tourism depends highly on the season, and seasonal accommodation ger camps are fully open between 20 May and 20 September. It could be earlier or late. However, we will be traveling in central Mongolia and most ger camps start earlier and close late autumn. Nomad family home stays are available if you are a keen traveler and would like to discover more about the nomadic life. The company will provide good quality camping gears. Bringing your own sleeping bags suitable for as low as -10°C is recommended. We can provide sleeping bags, but regular and synthetic ones do not indicate any temperatures. The hotel category will not be limited by the 3* hotel we offer. It can be changed to higher or lower categories and there will be a price difference. For more detailed information about accommodation, please visit our recommended hotels in Mongolia and Mongolia Ger camps


Most of our company's guides are English speaking. We also have some guides who speak German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese. They are all friendly, helpful and most of them were born and grown in the countryside. Therefore, they have good knowledge about every aspect of Mongolia, good at horse riding and have at least three years or more years of guiding experience. Except for your interpreter-guide, one or more nomad men will be your equestrian depends on the riders’ number. Your guide will be a cook for a small group of 2-4 people and we will provide a cook if the group has more than 4 people.


Most of our tours were designed with four wheel driving Japanese vans driven by experienced, friendly and good mechanic-drivers. For bigger groups, Russian van will be used due to its capacity and load availability or used solely for luggage and kitchen. You may check the travel vehicle details at Mongolia transportation and different types of vehicles are available on request.

When to take the tour?

The most suitable time to take the tour is between 15 May and 15 September. The day temperature in July and beginning of August could rise to +38. Therefore, consider your health issue of horse riding in hot. Or on the contrary, July and beginning of August could be the wettest time of the year and be prepared some occasional rains. May, June, August and September are most suitable months for riding. Mongolian weather fluctuates a lot seasonally, daytime and at night. So that, be ready for sudden weather changes such in hot you could ride in T-shirt and later ride in hat and gloves on the same day. Weather in May and September is cold in the evenings and at nights and could even snow in mountainous areas. For your pre-departure preparation, you may check detailed packing list of the horse riding tour. The listed items are just give you an idea, not mandatory.

To plan your dream holiday or customize the tour exclusively for you, what to do and see in Mongolia page may help you.

As well as, please check attractions in the Central Mongolia, and Northern Mongolia.

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