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Staying with nomad families is the best way to discover a lot about the centuries-old nomadic lifestyle and their culture. The nomads are totally self-sufficient on their five kinds of animals (horses, sheep, cattle including yaks, goats and camels) and move with their mobile and collapsible dwelling “ger” in search of better pasture and water for their animals from a place to place all year round. All nomad families have not got the five animals. It differentiates depending on where they live, weather condition and vegetation on the pasture, etc. Our company organizes authentic nomad family stays to let our clients understand and experience as much as possible about the locals during their tour in the country of steppes. The nomadic stays could be 1-2 nights or even longer with one family or with different families live in different parts of Mongolia. Staying with the nomad family is mutually useful as you can discover the distinctive way of the unusual life while feeling their heartwarming hospitality except for it is cost effective. On the other hand, it is a way both you and we are supporting the life of the nomads and longevity of nomadic lifestyle which is being affected by modernization and urbanization gradually.

The nomad families, we choose for our customers have extra gers you can stay with a little bit of your privacy at nights. Or you can even stay in their ger. The families with extra gers are at some certain locations and sometimes, they have to move different areas. In case they move far areas or if you wish to stay with nomad families in areas where we do not have nomadic partners, then we have to choose any of the family and should join their gers as Mongolians usually do. They are happy when people visit their home and they like to share what they have and show what they do daily. While you stay with the nomad families, you can eat and learn how to make the traditional meals, fresh dairy products, homemade cookies, pancakes, and breads, how to tend and milk animals and so on. It’s a very hard life, especially surviving in bitter winters, where temperatures drop down to -40°C in some parts and staying with nomads in winter will be real experience and adventure of Mongolia.

What to expect when you stay with the nomads?
On nomadic steppes, nobody asks permission or inform about their visit in advance. Both the visitors and people in the community. Therefore, there could be some visitors including children visit the families while you are there and they will just see you and stay around if possible to hear some news from the strangers. Expect a lot of meat for meals, mostly mutton, beef (sometimes camel, horse and goat), flour products and the dairy products such as milk, yogurt, milk butter, very hard and sour dried curds, salty milk tea (black tea is available as well), sour fermented mares’ milk and sometimes vodka. And we travel with our bottled water in case you do not like the milk tea and Mongolian black tea. Please inform us in advance if you have dietary. We will arrange the meals accordingly either you are staying with the nomads. Not expect much privacy and comfort including WC, shower, tape water to wash, comfort pillows and soft beds etc. when staying with the nomads. The nomads do not have electricity. Even though, some families have solar panels or car aqua to lit a light for a while in the evening and watch TV.

Only a few of our tours included nomad family overnight stays and we can include it according to your request. During any of our tours, you visit a nomad family at least once, and you can visit the nomads as many times as you wish considering your guide and driver during your journey.